Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeling blah, but on track and a word of caution!

These last few days, I've been feeling blah!
This exercising thing in the evening really frees up the mornings for me and I dont feel pooped by the time I reach office. But when I do hit the gym in the evening, I find my energy level far lower than in the morning. I have not been able to a run a treadmill 5k all of this week and now I am a wee bit worried coz I did sign up for a10k event on the 3rd of March. I usually like to be well prepped for race day!
In other exercise news, the tendonitis on my wrist has eased out a lot, but I am not able to  do a 360 degree rotation of the wrist without a sharp pain! I have therefore not ventured into pump territory because I am doubtful I will be able to hold the barbell in the correct position.
Foodwise, I have been able to tide over some major chocolate cravings fueled by PMS, by munching on some grapes. Have grapes arrived early this season? Or is it just me? I have stopped eating low carb or high protein. I am trying to eat very healthy, consume lots of fruit and veggies and generally stick to whole grain. I have also whipped up some good dishes from the kitchen. Somehow, I am never able to do a proper recipe blog as I forget to take pictures while in the kitchen, and eat it before the thought of blogging even crosses my mind!And oh did I tell you? I finally cooked brown rice without turning it into a mush.
But I have made some good soups this week - cauliflower, potato and minestrone. For dinner last night was cabbage parathas made in a easy way! So I am trying to be as mindful as possible while eating and am also staying away from restaurant food! My weight has been holding up for a while now. I know its not a great direction to go in. I will use this weekend to get in some good morning runs!!
Until then. Be safe, you guys. I just heard of some bad news from a motor accident. I'd remind my readers to drive safe, wear the seat belt/ helmet and follow the rules.


  1. hey you are doing really well with the food. with that and the exercise I m sure the weight will budge.

  2. Sugar, I agree with you on the evening gym routine.I feel tired when I go to gym in the evening even BEFORE the actual workout.
    I always thought maybe its just me....

    Sorry to hear about ur wrist...hope you feel better soon.


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