Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey guys!!! Sporadic blogging been happening. Sometimes life takes over and speeds so much that it is hard to catch a breath and think about WHY the scale is stuck!
April was the month I knew would be a bit hard on me. I prepped by steeling my mind ready to face whatever came my way. And then even as all those things unrolled I became angry, frustrated, depressed and just a crabby person to be around with. I was fighting with the Scientist ALLthe time, and was just being an unpleasant person.
The storm has passed. It has left me pretty dulled down specially on the career front, extremely confused and as I was telling the Scientist feeling like a headless chicken. Some mornings I woke up with great enthusiasm to decipher the direction I wanted to go in and on some mornings, I was so annoyed with myself.
Anyway after days of moping around and facing the brunt of injury that I feel I invited from running on tarred road, I think I am ready to get back at life! I will not be running the TCS world 10k and will simply think about the July half marathon in June!! Till then I plan to rest my aching left hip muscle, left knee, shin and lower back and simply be able to walk pain free! Exercise shall be restrcted to low impact - elliptical (like old times!) walking and a bit of yoga may be. So for now its goodbye to Body pump, Jillian Micheals and running. I was very very upset about not running, but lately the pain became unbearable, so I decided its high time I just do simple things.
Food which is the perpetual issue will have to be dealt with - thanks to the stress ulcer pain I developed! Yea I know I am badly in need of some healing time! I do have some nice things to share with you too - like the nice woman at the gym who told me I've lost a lot of weight since she saw me first at the gym! It has been about 8 kgs so far and I know I have atleast another 8 to go. I also realised some time back that I moved from the "obese " BMI to "overweight" BMI! Really I am SO glad about that!!
So thats that. May plans will come soon and I am so shocked! Were we not just making New Year Goals???


  1. Good to see an update from you. Also good to hear that the storm has passed !!! There are phases in life which u just have to smile thru.

    Good luck in healing :)

  2. Hi Sugar... Turbulence is always there ... we have to get through it...Even I do face it often now...v just have to keep thinking " Ethu nadanthato athu nandragave nadanthathu"!!!!! it will go away as a passing cloud!!!

  3. Congrats on leaving the 'Obese' side and leaving me alone there-lol -but honestly-you're doing great!
    Hope things settle down in whatever you are facing.Hope you heal faster.

  4. This is my first time on your blog and I already feel so connected to you as we are sailing in the same big ugly boat called weight loss :) Like you I have been overweight for most of my life, but since Jan '13 I seriously started working towards getting rid of the extra baggage. Im happy to say that Im successful to some extent, have lost 12lbs in 4 months. I am doing all the things you are doing. I have replaced the sugary breakfast cereal with a healthy Smoothie (spinach, kale, berries & flax+Chia seeds) I must say that was very effective. Also I was going to suggest you to try P90X workout if you could lay your hands on them but I guess you acnt try it now as it is real hardcore work out. You know what, maybe you are over working yourself, thats what happened to me. I was working really hard but I saw no movement on the scale. I lost 2 lbs when I couldnt workout for a week. N I see it as a pattern, when ever I take a break for a week and eat right, I lose atleast 2 lbs.
    Ok, this turned out to be a long comment but one last thing, to keep myself motivated right now Im participating in a dietbet. Check that out as well. & the myfitnesspal to keep track of calories. Good luck with the recovery & cheers to looking & feeling better.


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