Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Product Review* - Protein Bars by Ritebite

Before I resume regular blogging, I must finish a long pending duty!

Naturell reached out to me sometime back asking if I will be interested in reviewing their products. I almost jumped at that opportunity because it finally felt like such a cool reward for all those blog posts I've typed. At a very silly level, I felt like a profesh weight loss blogger :)

I had tried Naturell's products some time back but was totally up to trying the protein bars. Even though it is classified as a "meal replacement" bar, I did not eat it as a meal, per se. My mind always wants its meals on the plate, and even if I ate a truck load of say Oreos, I'd be up for a dal-chawal meal almost immediately.

So without further ado, the first one I opened was:

The Max Protein Choco Fudge - (totalling at 308 calories and 20 gms from protein). I had half the bar post a 40 minute cardio workout, along with my morning chai, and it might have been a perfect post workout snack at 150 calories. I found that initially it tasted very synthetic - but really a protein bar will have to taste like that. My satiety level was pretty good and it carried me for a late breakfast. The other half was my evening snack and that worked fine too!!! 

The second one I opened was was the Protein Max ChocoSlim (totalling 258 calories and 20 gms of protein) and ate it post cardio workout. My first bite totally reminded me of getrim. I guess the sweetner (this being sugar free) may have caused the similar taste. I ate this at one go, not specifically wanting to use it as a treat later in the day.


The final and my most favorite one was the Max ProteinHoney Lemon (totalling 281 calories and 20 gms of protein) a wee bit over the Slimmers Bar. I loved the sweet and mixed tartness in the flavour and even enjoyed eating this bar, more than the other two variants.I might just stock up on the Honey Lemon bars so that I have a real high rptein snack thats mess free and tasty specially when I travel on work!!!

The good:
  • The high protein content, obviously!! And more so from a single all vegetarian source!
  • I guess this may be the only protein bar in in the Indian market!
  • Satiety - I felt pretty full after eating these bars. Ofcourse they are a meal replacement!
  • Portability - as with any process food - you can stick one in your hand bag and eat it mess free even in a meeting!
The bad:
  • the synthetic taste!! For 300 calories - 2 phulkas and a small bowl of dal is tastier!!!
  • my processed food issue**
**I have oflate, been resorting to freshly made/ cooked food rather than eat processed food - be it juices, cereal, granola bars (which I still love btw), fruit bars like these, jams, lays chips etc. I'd rather eat a fruit than drink a juice, eat a Chappati Subzi than a granola bar, make my own non-synthetic flavour added jams etc. But yes, thats becaue I find the time to do that kind of kitchen work! For those on the go, and possibly those who need not be obsessed with weight loss the way I am, these protein bars from Naturell are a good choice!!!

 *Disclaimer: Naturell India sent me their products- free of cost to review. This review however, reflects my own, honest opinion and is not a paid review!

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  1. I really like the bars. Considering the ones imported in India are so darn expensive, and taste almost the same or worse, I am glad we have a great product whose cost is not that bad.. :)


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