Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Normalcy again!

Finally some normalcy creeping back in. It is a testing time for me with so much going on in every aspect of my life. Nothing too bad,  but too fast to catch up, can we say?

Anyway on the fitness front, I took a break almost all of last week, owing to a pretty bad shin injury I seem to have developed. I was also down with a bad stomach infection, and the toddler got it too. So it took some time for me to get over the fatigue both physically and mentally. By Saturday night the guilt worm had caught up with me and I was up for a long run on Sunday. It was a really enjoyable run, given that I had a good rest and good food through the week! I ran 8 kilometres and was feeling pretty good.

We had been invited to the toddler's friend's birthday party on Sunday and I went and ate two dahi vadas, a slice of cake, a kachodi and gulab jamuns! I guess it was stress + PMS+ what the hell I'm not losing weight anyway eating. Bad for me, but whatever!

I spent a painful Sunday night with a severe throbbing in my calf. I slept only after a pain-killer, some pain gel and icing! But I was determined to hit the gym on Monday for all that sugar I had ingested! I restricted myself to low impact cardio for 30 minutes on the ARC trainer. For some reason, I felt the treadmill calling my name out and attempted to run a kilometre as fast as I could. I clocked a km in about 7mins and 11 secs. But the shin pain just got worse. I have been limping around mostly since then and also severely chided by the Scientist for being irresponsible. I still went to the gym today but sternly looked away from the treadmills. I hopped on the elliptical and stayed put and finished with two kilometres on the recumbent cycle. I guess cycling is far less impact than running is. Oflate I findmyself succumbing to too many injuries. But getting the Scientist to let me cycle on a real cycle is going to be a different exercise altogether.

Hopefully regular updates should return. See ya!


  1. Good to see your post .. 1 km in 7 min and 11 sec is impressive right ?

    1. For me it is pretty fast and holding that speed for an entire kilometre after a 30 minutes cardio work out does take an effort!

    2. Wow this is more impressive feat then ... I am clocking around 11 minutes... I admire your fitness Sugar. keep going...

  2. yay! you are back and so happy you are feeling better.
    But I have to agree with the scientist here, please do not push yourself through an injury, take care. :)

    1. Yes.. its hard this time around because my mind wants to keep going back to whining that things are not going the way I want it to!!! The injury just complicates it and so does my desire to just keep eating!

  3. You know, I have a sharp pain in my knees when i climb stairs, all this, I got from running 3-4 miles for 5 days a week. I only did this for 4 months, but, the damage it caused is unbelievable. Now, I only 30DS and no more trouble zones. I can't even do those jumps in banish fat boost metabolism.
    Running does that to you. Elliptical is a much better option, swimming and cycling too.

    Take care sugar, you will do it and reach your goal, I am sure of it. Please take care not to push your body too much.



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