Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Chennai Dream Runners Update

It was the most marvelous run I've had. The weather Gods of Chennai really showered blessings on us, runners. It rained pretty heavily the previous night. The air felt clean and the city was as cool as it could get. I finished the run in 1:17 which was fairly close to my target of 1:15.

Here is me postrun:

Believe me, the endorphins were kicking even 24 hrs post run. Such is the joy of running!

I will do a more detailed post soon! 

In the meanwhile, The sweet people at Indian Moms Connect have featurned my article on their site. Click here to read it.  The website is a great resource for moms. So head there and leave a few sweet words there, will you?


  1. Congrats Sugar! You look so happy!

  2. Congrats Sugar!! Waiting for the detailed post!


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