Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 3 recap

I am now in the fourth week of half marathon training. Here are the highlights of week 3:

  • I did 5 out of 6 planned workouts. I took it easy the day before the 10k.
  • I ran the 10 k race in 1:17 mins. You can see my timing here.That means I shaved off almost 13 minutes from my first 10k in Sep 2012! I also feature amongst the faster average of runners in this race!
  • I still need to up strength training a bit - right now relying on Jillian Micheals Banish fat workout and some free style yoga I do. But am seriously contemplating restarting body pump!
  • For one cross training - I wish I could cycle in the open/ go swimming. But am having to restrict myselfto the elliptical workouts in the gym. Any other ideas doable ideas for cross training?

  • Last week I was fairly relaxed on the food front.
  • I ate many unnecessary sweets and fried snacks in Chennai in the name of the 10k
  • Right now eating is back to normal, but am fighting sugar cravings
  • I went to an ayurveda doc for my stomach issues. Now I have to begin taking the meds!

  • Has been holding in the 75-76 range. How long do you think it will take me to reach the 60s?

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  1. Wow Sugar.. you are insanely dedicated!! And congrats on the 10k inspite of so much hurdles.. you surely rock! :)
    Good luck for the half marathon!

    1. heheh!!! thanks! I'll take that as a compliment!

  2. :) that dedication is MINDBOGGLING. WTG sugar!

  3. Replies
    1. :) I hope Smitha... initially my goal was 67. Now my goal is 69. I hope I will get there soon!

  4. wow, superb timing. And so dedicated on the exercise front. way to go!
    I agree you should increase your strength training. but Jillian Michales Banish fat is not strength, It is purely cardio. why dont you try lifting weights in the gym. Some trainer at the gym will definitely show you the basic moves

    1. :) PK the most sensible advise I guess. I better do it!

  5. Hey Sugar,
    I know this is late but congrats on the Chennai Run.
    I agree with PK on BFBM is too much cardio, instead try Jillians No More Trouble Zone with added weights. Else why dont you try Crossfit, its amazing for strenght training

    1. Thanks Yummy Mummy!! Do you know ofany cross fit centres in bangalore... but I must also admit I'm a little afraid of it!

    2. There is just one crossfit destination in bangalore is Namma Crossfit on Cunnigham Road. I agree crossfit can be overwhelming, but I am sure good advice and guidance can make the path easy


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