Friday, July 26, 2013

Not on plan always!

Today I got the feeling that I usually post about how I am always ON PLAN - atleast workout wise, which is partly true. I have found it easier to stick to a workout plan than an eating plan. Like for example today's health column in the Hindu said that if you want to achieve good health, you must try to limit dessert to once a week! What??? My effort is more like I try to eliminate dessert as a meal for every meal. For example I love sweet breakfasts, I sneak in a spoon of sugar into my buttermilk, I only drink sweetened tea/ coffee. In fact I am so obsessed with sugar that I try to make healthful desserts so that I can eat them and not feel so bad about it and pretend like I am getting closer to being healthy. But heck I am far from limiting dessert to once a week!
Coming to the point of today's post. Let's blame PMS. But the fact is that I have not run this week. I missed Wednesdays run and did something else at home. Today was another run day, and I stayed home and did not even do anything else because I just got plain ol' lazy!
So even though I feel like I can stick to a workout plan, still I have my days when I just put my feet up and refuse to go out and run! So its hard - this weight loss business. And more so for those like me, who are perpetually on weight loss mode! I wish I could just be done with it and tick it off from my to-do list  or rather scratch it off with a murder like vengeance, but no mater how badly I want it at some moments of the day, I still am not steel enough to cut out the sugar & rice completely and just travel down the scale.
For those that read this space and always say nice things like how motivated I am, do know I still have dark days like today when I am so mad at myself for not getting this weight loss thing over with already!

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