Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The post where I run out of steam!

Even though I want to show off to you guys that I completed 6 weeks of half marathon training, and I know that I ought to have got the week 6 recap up and ready by now, I must admit that I've kinda run out of steam.

Ugh! Yes.

I have a sprain in my neck. I cock my head to one side and now that side is hurting pretty bad too.

I also have a terrible cold and I can't even breathe in because even a harsh breath hurts my neck and some parts of my shoulder.

Added to it, is the special gift to women by God! Really, there are seven days in a week. Out of that I exercise on 6. If out of those 6, I have to be off for 3 it makes that week a horrible work out week, no? And the chocolate cravings, the head aches and all. I know, this is a pity party and you are welcome, provided you come carrying truck loads of Reeses, because I'm in love with them and will soon run out of the US candy!!!

There were 2 highlights to this weekend - one was my 10k run, which was SO SO difficult. How am I going to run a half marathon in 6 weeks from now??? And the other was a Banana- Apple eggless pancake I made. Good stuff, I tell you :) Recipe soon!

 So that's the fun news from me! What are you guys up to?


  1. Exactly my issue. That week when I can't swim,can't walk and get really touchy when mum mentions a workout. Recipe wanted,soon. :D

  2. aww, hope you feel better soon.

    Count me in for the pity party, I will carry my share of Lindt, Dark chocolate if thats ok :)
    I have hardly been exercising, few and far in between, plus with the husband travelling and in laws no going away for 2 months, I am totally stressed.

    1. I can totally identify with your plight!!! Sure Lindt Dark is welcome :) lol!

  3. Aaaw , the neck sounds pretty bad, hope you feel better soon. And dont worry about the half marathon, with your dedication I am certain you will make it.


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