Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Half Marathon Training - Week 6 & 7 Recap

Sorry guys!!!!

Really - I am caught up in the practical difficullties of moving jobs, moving home & pressing financial commitments in the wake of our new home  that now bloggy time is much reduced!

Quickly then, since I missed week 6 recap last week, here goes:
  • I worked out 6 out of 7 days which was fantastic!
  • However I could not accomodate my weekday runs!
  • The longest run of the week was a 10k which was slow and possibly the hardest run so far
  • Strength training went well
  • The week ended with severe PMS and so I decided to really take the next week easy!
 Week 7 was this:
  •   I did not exercise much except for the long run on Sunday - 11.2k even though the mapmyrun app on my iphone screwed up and showed only 9.6 kms
  • The long run was good and even though I felt tired by the 6k mark I was able to get into the "zone" around the 7k mark and finished strong!!!
  • Much chocolate was ingested with no reason and so also carbs. I have clamped down now!
  • Still stays around 75 so not much difference
  • I am feeling good - almost pain free except my knees on long run days!

So that brings me to week 8 now. That means I've got just under 6 weeks to hit the D-day! I am very very nervous and have serious moments of self doubt. But still, I want to give this all I have.

Regular blogging should resume soon!

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  1. hey you are changing jobs? all the best and congratulations!

    1. Yes PK I am!!! I'm nervous and excited at the same time... thankyou!

  2. I tried installing that app you know. Sadly,does not work. :/ I have to always come back home and check on google maps or just time myself.

    With the effort you are putting in,you will sail through the half marathon. Best of luck.

    Also that recipe next time,maybe?

    1. Torsha, really? I run with mapmy run on my iphone ALL the time. That was the only run, where it suddenly stopped working for some reason! I hope you are right about the half... And yes the recipe...I will get it up soon!


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